10/9 Lecture: Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy

eol elizabeth tomb editFriday October 9, 2015 8:00PM

Lecture: Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy* with Elizabeth Tomboulian who was certified by the Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine in 2006 a practitioner of Cranio Sacral Therapy and a Sound Energy Healer. Elizabeth will share her unique knowledge and hands on experience of this most systematic method of energy healing available, QEST uses kinesiology to locate conditions that cause pain and disease in the physical. Working with what is like a spiderman suit of energy, causes (disruptions) are found, addressed, and programmed to catalyze healing from fractures, dislocations, digestive issues, anxiety, grief, injuries, and myriad other conditions that cause pain, illness and distress. This results in clearing the energy body to the template of wellness. Based on the following testimonial that Elizabeth received from one of her many clients which reads as follows:” I don’t know what you did, but my toe that was black before was completely healed and pink the next day -J.G. Bassist”, says we are in for quite an interesting and exciting night! Don’t miss this one!!

Elizabeth’s Web Page: http://www.qetherapy.com

Members: $10.00, Non- Members: $15.00 Pre-registration is not required

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Eyes of Learning celebrated it’s 30th year in July of 2013!
Long Before Brian Weiss wrote about reincarnation in 1988, or Barbara Brennan wrote about energy healing in 1988, a group of like-minded individuals on Long Island had already been meeting for several years sharing seemingly fantastical experiences they could not explain and to ponder many metaphysical phenomenon that seem almost commonplace today. It all began simply enough, in 1983, when Co-Founder Elaine Resnik did a lecture on ESP, Dreams and Edgar Cayce. (continue story)

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9/25 Lecture: Answers from Heaven as Channeled by a Psychic Medium

eolguarnottaFriday, September 25, 2015 8:00PM

Lecture: Answers from Heaven as Channeled by a Psychic Medium, with Reverend Sandy Guarnotta, internationally known Medium, Psychic Medical Intuitive and Galactic Communicator who will channel answers about soul purpose, death, spiritual DNA, simultaneous realities and the fifth dimension of energy. Sandy will discuss how you can develop your psychic/medium ability and teach you how to heal yourself, featuring the method on her CD titled; Healing Meditations from Beyond. Anyone who has had a reading from Sandy before or who has attended one of her presentation will attest to the fact she is special, unique and gifted and a must see! Put this on your calendar!!

Sandy’s Web Page: http://psychicreadingsbysandy.com

Members: $10.00, Non- Members: $15.00 Pre-registration is not required

8/21 Lecture – Spiritually Speaking with Daniel Akner

EOL Daniel AknerFriday, August 21, 2015 8:00PM NOTE: CHANGE IN SPEAKER
Lecture: Spiritually Speaking with Daniel Akner, Psychic/Medium & Fine Artist

This has been a year of SPECTACULAR change! A Time of renewal, transformation & affirmative action is here. Classic of a Green Wooden Sheep Year, it began unassumingly quiet. But, as predicted, as soon as the Northern Hemisphere became verdant & lush w/greenery, a Great Shift manifested! And nothing & no one has been left un-touched. Politics, Cultural Events, Racial Perspectives, Gender Identity, Economic Issues, Food & Water, Energy Supply, Environmental, Religious. Even pictures coming back from Deep Space are astounding! The Spiritual Awakening is perhaps the biggest “Shift”, albeit the least reported about in “The News Media”!

In light of this barrage of change, Daniel will be giving this very Special “Psychic Summer Wrap-Up Presentation “. This will be an opportunity for we, The Spiritual Community to sort out our thoughts, ideas & hopes for the Future. Perhaps also, to simply share a bit of our experiences, both good & bad, so that no one would feel alone. We are ALL going through a massive Grand Evolution. A Great Culmination is taking place, starting the week of Sept. 23rd. So, this Event couldn’t be more timely! Now more than ever, we must help each other through the Final Phase of the Worlds’ Transformation. Mankind, Animal & Plant Kingdom, the Universe of Endless Stars. We are One. And we must wrestle the wheel from “The Sleep Walkers. “In retrospect someday, this year 2015, will prove to have been crucial to our survival on many different levels. After we get a clearer perspective as to what is happening & where we stand.

Daniel will spend the balance of the night doing Spot Readings & Channeling Insight for our Audience Members. His much anticipated, Annual Pre-Halloween Presentation on Oct. 30th. at ” The Eyes ” is still a go. It’ll be fantastic, of course. But THIS date, The Eve of Aug, 21st, will be a primer, if you will. Just about everyone we know has gone through, faced, or witnessed a myriad of enormous waves of change. Lets put it in perspective. This may prove to be the most important Presentation he’s ever given. If you have wanted &/or needed a Reading, but have been too busy? This is your chance, before The Autumn Equinox brings with it … The final Shape of Things to Come! Daniel is happy & honored to be Your Trusted Guide!

Daniels Web Page: https://www.facebook.com/danielpsychic

Members: $10.00, Non- Members: $15.00 Pre-registration is not required