7/24 Lecture: Where Three Rivers Meet

EOL Peter Blum Friday, July 24, 2015 8:00PM
Lecture: Where Three Rivers Meet, with Peter Blum, has a private practice in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis, and shamanic sound healing, a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), he has also trained and certified hundreds in the art of hypnosis. In 2004, Peter was named Certified Instructor of the Year by the NGH, the largest professional organization of its type in the world. The Confluence of Hypnosis, Sound Healing, and Shamanism. We will look at the deep connections between these three time-honored approaches to healing and spiritual guidance. Demonstrations of the use of drums, tuning forks, and singing bowls, as well as a brief hypnotic induction will be part of the evening’s entertainment and education.
Peter’s Web Page: http://www.soundsforhealing.com/
$10 Members, $15 Non-members. No pre-registration required.

6/19 Money Wisdom – Step into Abundance by Creating the Vibrational Energy of Wealth

eol Karen GarveyFriday June 19, 2015 8:00PM  Lecture: “Money Wisdom – Step into Abundance by Creating the Vibrational Energy of Wealth”, by Karen Garvey, MBA, Author, International Speaker, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach.

Does abundance and prosperity elude you?  Do you find yourself worrying about your finances, your career, or your future?  Shift your relationship with money from one of scarcity to one of sustained abundance with simple steps for attracting and keeping wealth.  In addition to discovering these steps, Karen also uses her conduit to universal knowledge to assist attendees in moving past their specific obstacles.  A Questions & Answers period will be included for this purpose

Karen L. Garvey has appeared on dozens of radio programs and in other media outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, PBS, Redbook, Hamptons Magazine, NJ Savvy, LI Press, Creations Magazine, and Spa Magazine. In addition, she has authored 5 books including Begin Here and Money Wisdom.

Website: http://TheAnswersUnlimited.com

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required

Scholarships Awarded Honoring Founder Elaine Resnik

On the evening of June 8th, Eyes of Learning President Bob Ferrari and Eyes of Learning Volunteer Anna Boccio attended Hicksville High School Awards Night.

Each year the Eyes of Learning gives a $500.00 scholarship in honor of our founder, Elaine Resnik, to each of four graduating Seniors at Hicksville High School. These four students were chosen by the school administrators for having distinguished themselves through service to their school and their community.

This year’s very worthy and appreciative recipients are shown here with Bob and Anna: Clockwise beginning with the large photo, they are Kathryn Anderson, Kenneth Brown, Julie Choi & Sebastian Niculescu. We wish them all the best in all of their future endeavors.

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6/12 The Hidden History of the Human Family

Friday June 12, 2015 8:00PM

eol Sid PrinceLecture: “The Hidden History of the Human Family” with Sid Prince, author, lecturer, extra-terrestrial and hidden history extraordinaire! Seeking the true origins of sentient life on planet Earth. This lecture will be given by Sid Prince, author of an extremely controversial new book, “Alien Bibles – The Lab of Eden”. Did humanity evolve beyond the genetic manipulation that was imposed upon us by our alien creators? Are we a threat to whatever created us because we still possess the ability to mentally and physically resist them?

Questions like these and many more will be looked into from an evidential standpoint. Sid Prince brings science, sense, and reason to the age old questions of, “Who created us?” “How did they do it?” “Where was it done?” and “When did it happen?” Join us for a wonderful evening of learning where people can relax with open minded conversations presented in a friendly atmosphere that promotes beneficial growth for the mind, body, and beyond.

Pamphlet guides of the lecture that contain a written outline with pictures, website video links, and book titles will be given to the first 100 guest in attendance. Electronic files will also be available free for anyone to print out the lecture’s summary.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sid.prince.779

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required