2/20 Lecture: An Evening with Gina Simone Psychic Medium Reiki Master

ginasimoneFriday February 20, 2015 8:00PM
Lecture/Workshop: An evening with Gina Simone, gifted psychic, medium, medical intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. In the first part of this workshop, Gina Simone will share her personal experiences and her personal path to medium-ship to reveal how she connects with Spirit to translate messages to clients.

She will teach us how we all have the ability to tap into our own natural intuition to communicate with Spirit to receive messages and signs from our deceased loved ones, as well as our own Spirit Guides. At the conclusion of this workshop, each person will have a better understanding of how they can connect with their loved ones, who are always with them.

The second portion of the workshop will be a Gallery style open reading with messages for the audience from their loved ones, who have crossed over into Spirit. In her readings, Gina delivers detailed messages from loved ones that have passed, as well as discussing your soul’s purpose from your Angels and Spirit Guides. She has even channeled messages from pets that have crossed over. It is her life’s purpose to help teach and bring evidential proof that the soul continues after our bodies pass. As a psychic, Gina provides clear direction on various topics including relationship & love issues, family, business decisions, and guidance pertaining to your soul’s purpose. Please come one come all to this one time opportunity to understand your souls purpose and receive guidance from your guides!

Gina’s Website: http://ginasimonemedium.com

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required.

1/23/2015 Lecture – Mind, Body & Soul – Psychology, Science & Spirituality with Stephanie Rose

eol stephanie roseFriday January 23, 2015 8:00PM

Lecture: Mind, Body & Soul = Psychology, Science & Spirituality, with Stephanie Rose,
psychic healer and medium who studied with renowned medium, Kim Russo a.k.a. the Happy Medium, Positive Life Coach, Teacher and Interior Designer as well as author of
”COLOR THEIR WORLD” a children’s book on how to help children using color’s and vibration. Stephanie will share with us what relationship “The Mind” has to psychology,” “The Body” as well as their inter- relationship between “Science,” the “Soul” and “Spirituality”. The understanding how they connect and balancing all of theses three, unlocks great inner peace.

Learn the tools which will help you balance your energy and your life. You will get insight of how your brain functions that causes reactions in the body and how you can change what happens by changing your thoughts, thus bringing peace to your soul. Please join us for a unique experience into the mind, psychology, science and the soul!

Stephanie’s web-site address:http://colorwithstephanierose.com/

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required.

Eyes of Learning Donates to Little Shelter and Island Harvest

In November, the Eyes of Learning was honored to be able to gift two wonderful local charities with funds to support their worthy efforts. Our Programming Chairperson, Lily Rubinstein, did the honors and delivered the checks to Arleen Leone, Dir of development, Little Shelter in Huntington and also to Randi Shubin Dresner, President & CEO and Elissa Weick, Manager of Special Events & Projects at Island Harvest.

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of our members and guests. Your participation in our workshops and festivals allows to make these generous donations to these deserving local charities. (Photo credit: Neal Rubinstein)

Little Shelter `14

Island Harvest `14

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