8/18 Lecture – Angels & Aliens with Marc Brinkerhoff

Friday, August 18, 2017 at 8:00 PM
Lecture: Angels & Aliens with Marc Brinkerhoff, World Renown ET Contactee & UFO Photographer

Don’t miss this special program when Marc explains the sublimely important connection between Benevolent ET Masters and Angels both Guardians and Archangels. He’ll present at least two recent true stories of physical encounters which provide a glimpse into your Galactic Soul evolution. A short activation/ meditation and, if time allows, some ‘ET Alchemical Universal Symbol’ instruction will be provided. As always, Marc’s direct ET contact, Sarriless is available for questions.

Marc is a World Renowned ET Contactee, UFO Photographer , Conscious Channel and Walk-in. He is a self-aware Aspect from Very High Frequency Dimensional Universals of the Alsyglion Group. They are beyond the idea of spiritual masters. (Our words, not theirs, as they are profoundly humble.) He is their only representative to speak for them on Earth. He is able to often call in interdimensional Extraterrestrial Craft to be witnessed and photographed to bear witness to his ongoing contact. He can be seen in the award winning film by James Carman, “The Hidden Hand”. Marc’s presence in the film provides the benevolent aspect of human and ET interaction.

Website: http://intergalacticmission.com

Members: $10.00 Non-Members: $15.00 No Pre-registration Required

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