8/29 Lecture: Close Encounters with Benevolent ETs and Ascended Masters

Friday August 29, 2014 8:00PM Lecture: “Close Encounters with Benevolent ETs and Ascended Masters “, with Marc Brinkerhoff ET Contactee, Conscious Channel & UFO Photographer. Marc’s visually exciting Keynote presentation touches on his Close Encounters with these benevolent ETs and his physical and dimensional experiences onboard spaceships. It will include some of his UFO photography and his own exceptional life-like illustrations of the Ascended Master ETs he has met physically and dimensionally through out-of-body experiences and Soul Travel. Why are the benevolent and Ascended Master ETs visiting and interested in the spiritual and technological development of the people on planet Earth? The Ascended Master ET’s want you to know why this is an epic time on Earth for YOU to be here ’NOW’. He will conduct the meditation or ‘Seed Atom Activation’ designed by the Ascended Master ETs to help you make contact with your ‘Higher Self’ and your ‘True Self’ (who many also call the ’Total Self’, ‘Over-self’ and ‘Authentic Self’.) This activation can Heal, Protect, Transform, Transport or Link-up and help you Manifest Your Heart’s Desires, sometimes with surprising speed. If you are curious or think you are a ‘Galactic Soul’ and wondering what your mission is on Mother Earth at this time, you should not miss this event. Marc’s ET group always intersects a dimensional higher frequency spaceship into every space Marc lectures at. Many intuitives have seen the interior of the craft and most everyone feels the love. Marc is always conscious channeling the Ascended Master ETs when he lectures, gives workshops or readings. ET language: ‘Adonai Vasu Barragus’ Translation: ‘Blessings in the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator’.

Marc’s web-sites: IntergalacticMission.com
MarcBrinkerhoff.com (animal art site)

Members: $10.00, Non-Members: $15.00

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