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2/16 Special Event: Numerology and Palm Reading Workshops

Friday, February 16, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Special Event: Numerology and Palm Reading Workshops
Featuring Carol Ann Durand, Clairvoyant Numerologist and
Roni Todd, Psychic and Palm Reader.  During this special event you will have the opportunity to learn either numerology or palmistry from two great teachers. Watch for more details.

Members: $15 • Non-Members: $20

1/19 Lecture: An Evening Exploring Past Lives

Friday, January 19, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Lecture: An Evening Exploring Past Lives with Joseph D’Airo, Psychic Medium

Within every living being is an eternal Soul, that Soul that has danced through the ages on a remarkable journey to experience everything there is to know about life. But why? Joseph D’Airo has been researching past lives for years and along with guidance from Spirit, has discovered exciting information as to why we experience more than one lifetime.

Joseph will help attendees understand the purpose of their past lives and experiences. He will guide participants through a meditation designed to connect with a past life. Joseph has also created a special crystal circular grid that will help everyone connect and receive the imagery of their past lives during the meditation. You are encouraged to bring your own crystals. Please join us for a special evening of spiritual exploration.

Joseph D’Airo is a Psychic Medium, Seer, Activator, and Visionary Artist who has been connecting to spirit all of his life. He channels the guidance and wisdom of your loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels and other higher powers to help clients achieve their highest potential. As a Seer and Activator, Joseph connects with spirit and communicates their guidance to help those he reads on their journey in creating a richer, more fulfilling life. As a Visionary Artist, Joseph channels imagery from spirit to create beautiful illustrations for spiritual and emotional healing. Joseph is amazed by the many facets of the Universe and he continues to expand his knowledge. Joseph is well-versed in crystals, past lives, Feng Shui, astrology and numerology.

Joseph’s Web Site:

Members: $10 • Non-Members: $15

Welcome to the Eyes of Learning

Welcome to The Eyes of Learning Long Island’s oldest and most respected non-profit metaphysical, holistic and spiritual teaching and learning center! Our ongoing series of lectures and workshops can be found by clicking on the “programs & events” links to the right. Please explore the rest of our website to learn even more about our leading-edge organization.

Eyes of Learning celebrates it’s 34th year in July of 2017!
Long Before Brian Weiss wrote about reincarnation in 1988, or Barbara Brennan wrote about energy healing in 1988, a group of like-minded individuals on Long Island had already been meeting for several years sharing seemingly fantastical experiences they could not explain and to ponder many metaphysical phenomenon that seem almost commonplace today. It all began simply enough, in 1983, when Co-Founder Elaine Resnik did a lecture on ESP, Dreams and Edgar Cayce. (continue story)

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12/8 Astrological Forecast for 2018 with Montgomery Taylor

Friday, December 8, 2017 at 8:00 PM
Lecture: Astrological Forecast for 2018 with Montgomery Taylor New York’s most gifted Astrologer, lecturer and Astrologer to the United Nations.

Monty will return to the Eyes of Learning to reveal and demystify what astrology is all about and what we can expect in 2018 and beyond! He will touch on all areas of life including: the economy, corporations, governments, politics, religion, science and, of course, our personal lives. Monty will also include information on how we can heal ourselves with a new awareness. Take this opportunity to learn about the future! Bring a question for Monty.

Monty is the host of his own radio show “Living Consciously” and can be found online at

Monty’s Web Site:
Members: $10 • Non-Members: $15