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5/30 Lecture Quantum Magick – the Crossroads of Science and Spirituality

UPDATE: Event Canceled
IMPORTANT NOTE: We regret that the RESTROOMS at the Levittown Hall will NOT BE WORKING during the evening of this program. No alternative facilities are available. Please plan your attendance accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday May 30, 2014 8:00PM
Lecture: Quantum Magick – The Crossroads of Science and Spirituality with Bill Truglio AKA: Llium S. Hernson a Runemaster, Tarot Artist, Professional Psychic and Tarot/Rune Reader and a Esoteric Teacher of Occult Subjects.

Bill/Llium will explore quantum physics and how it’s beginning to scientifically explain spirituality, mysticism, and what we often call magick. We will explore how scientific research has suggested that consciousness may be a fundamental element of reality, and that our own observation may be what causes this reality to manifest at all. By learning how to observe with intent, we can develop the skills needed to manifest the reality we wish, not just the ones that our circumstances dictate.
• Have you ever wondered if ESP (telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-over-body, etc…) are real and verifiable, or if you could learn them?
• Have you ever wondered about Mind-over-Matter, and how it works?
• Have you ever wondered about the power of prayer, and if it can truly help in healing, achieving, or protecting yourself and others?

If so, you may be particularly interested in this Quantum Magick presentation! Please join us for a trip “Down the Rabbit Hole”, as we explore the strangely fascinating landscape of the quantum world, and the crossroads of spirituality where science and mysticism meet.

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Members $10.00, Non-Members: $15.00, No Pre-registration Required

5/16 Lecture: Does a SuperHuman Exists Within You with Donna Martini

Friday, May 16, 2014 8:00PM
Lecture: Does a SuperHuman Exists Within You, with Donna Martini, wellness coach, author and Nassau Counties Lead Ambassador of Wellness”
Does a SuperHuman exist within you? Discover how the state your body is in could be helping or hurting your potential to stay in the supernatural. Donna Martini, Nassau County’s Lead Ambassador of Wellness is also a coach, activist and author who has been teaching people how to become their most powerful selves through a process she calls, “Positive Manipulation.” Come and discover how any existing negative energy within or around ourselves can be manipulated into its most positive form through the physical, mental and emotional human aspects. Through fun techniques and simple language, Donna will leave an impression you won’t soon forget. “Give me an hour,” she says, “and I will change your mind. Give me three, and I can help you change your life!”
Members: $10.00, Non-Members: $15.00, No Pre-registration Required

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Founding Member Honored for 30 Years of Service

Wednesday night the Eyes of Learning surprised our President, Bob Ferrari with a dinner held in his honor at Domenico’s Restaurant.

We gave this special recognition to Bob who is one of our founding members and who has been an active participant for over 30 years in our Not For Profit Corporation.

Bob served as Executive Council Chairperson for over 10 years. It was Bob who introduced the concept of Memberships to the Eyes of Learning. He also suggested spring and fall festivals, psychic circles, newsletters and mailing lists. Bob also graciously hosted EOL Executive Council meetings and Spring and festival meetings in his home for over 20 years.

He continues to update and maintain the EOL Membership lists and he does one of the hardest jobs at our festivals which is scheduling the readings on the day of the festival.

We take this opportunity to publicly say, Thank you Bob. We hope that you are as proud of your service to the Eyes of Learning as we are happy to have received the benefits and blessings of your very active participation.