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Founding Member Honored for 30 Years of Service

Wednesday night the Eyes of Learning surprised our President, Bob Ferrari with a dinner held in his honor at Domenico’s Restaurant.

We gave this special recognition to Bob who is one of our founding members and who has been an active participant for over 30 years in our Not For Profit Corporation.

Bob served as Executive Council Chairperson for over 10 years. It was Bob who introduced the concept of Memberships to the Eyes of Learning. He also suggested spring and fall festivals, psychic circles, newsletters and mailing lists. Bob also graciously hosted EOL Executive Council meetings and Spring and festival meetings in his home for over 20 years.

He continues to update and maintain the EOL Membership lists and he does one of the hardest jobs at our festivals which is scheduling the readings on the day of the festival.

We take this opportunity to publicly say, Thank you Bob. We hope that you are as proud of your service to the Eyes of Learning as we are happy to have received the benefits and blessings of your very active participation.

Festival Thank You

Sunday April 6th,  we held our 27th Annual Spring Festival and it was our most successful to date.  We would like to thank all of the psychic readers who so generously donated their time and talents to our event. We also extend our appreciation to the four speakers who also donated their time and knowledge to our audiences.

Thank you also to our vendors who supplied such an interesting and eclectic variety of goods and services.   Our heartfelt thanks also to ALL who took time out of their busy lives to attend our festival. We appreciate your patronage and hope we provided you with the experience you were seeking.

Last but not least, thanks to all the Eyes of Learning Volunteers without whom, this event could not take place.  There were two winners of the Daniel Akner raffle for a private one-on-one reading with Daniel.  Congratulations to Theresa and Annette

Our 27th Annual Fall Festival will be Sunday November 9, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you then.

3/28 Lecture SOLD OUT Connecting with Loved Ones from the Other Side

Friday March 28, 2014 8:00PM Lecture: “Connecting with Loved Ones from the Other Side”, Winter Brook

Due to tremendous early response, this event has been SOLD OUT and sadly, we have no more seats available.

Thank you to our members and friends who have signed up for this event and to those who are on the stand-by list in case of cancellations.  You can still see Winter Brook at our Meet the Psychics night on Friday April 4th along with four other psychics.

11/22 Healing Powers of Sound with Indian Music Therapy and a Kirtan Satsung and Healing Concert

Friday, November 22, 2013 8:00PM Lecture: “Healing Powers of Sound with Indian Music Therapy” and a “Kirtan Satsung and Healing Concert” with Dr. M. Hari Haaren who has conducted more than 300 workshops and over 200 Lectures, over the past 15 years, on the Healing Powers of Indian Music Therapy, Chanting and Kirtan in several countries including USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Austria, Singapore, Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong. Switzerland, Germany, Greece.

What is Music Therapy: It is a listening therapy program using specially filtered classical music to improve ear and brain function. A link is established between the sounds we hear and our functioning in speech, learning, energy and stress. The classical music that one listens transforms the improvement of the ear function and also recharges the cortex of the brain. How it Works: Hearing is physical and listening is psychological. both are vital to our communication skills, establishing good relationship, socializing with everyone and learning intuitiveness. Out of the 12 cranial nerves, 10 are linked to the ear, indicating the importance of the Musical sounds to our nervous system.

What are the Benefits: very effective for healing ailments like blood pressure, nervous disorder, body pain, migraine, rheumatics, stress, anger, depression, heart ailments, sleeplessness, and autism ; and for positive approaches to marital harmony, personality development, medical professionals, IT People, cancer counseling, weight loss, diabetes, stress management, children, teenagers, police personal, legal fraternity, sports persons, senior citizens etc. Bring a open mind and a receptive ear and just relax and enjoy the benefits of Sound Healing at this unique presentation.

Dr. Haaren’s Web-Site:

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required.