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Save 11/4 & 11/6 Double Events! Psychics and Fall Festival

Friday November 04, 2016 8:00PMEOL meet psychics Event: Meet the Psychics – This evening’s program is designed to bring you the opportunity to get up close and personal with our gifted readers, mediums and psychics. The audience is scheduled to be seated in one of five semi-circles and five psychics will each spend 25 to 30 minutes in each circle before rotating to the next circle. By the end of the evening, all attendees will have had the opportunity to interact with all of the psychics.

Please mark this date on your calendar and be there at “Meet The Psychics” to experience first hand, in a very intimate environment, Most of these gifted metaphysicians will be doing readings at our Fall Festival on Sunday November 06, 2016

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required

eol fall festival early calendarSunday, November 06, 2016 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Special Event: The Annual Eyes of Learning Fall Festival
Please join us for the Eyes of Learning’s most popular event. It’s our Fall Festival!!! With wonderful raffles, vendors, free lectures, food, camaraderie and the option to purchase your own psychic reading, who would want to miss this important, uplifting and fun event? Spend a day with “like minded individuals” and make some new friends! A day not to be missed.

The festival is a major source of our operating revenue thanks to the many volunteers and psychics who generously give of their time and talents to keep our regularly scheduled lectures and workshops available to all. You can “give back” to the Eyes of Learning through your annual membership dollars and by generously supporting our festival vendors.

A token admission fee of $5.00 will gain access to lectures, vendors and food provider while helping to fund our operations.

10/28 Lecture: Haunted Happenings with Daniel Akner

Friday October 28, 2016 8:00PMeolspeakerakner150 Lecture: Haunted Happenings – It’s time for the biggest, grandest, most Spooktacular Event of the Season. Psychic/Medium Daniel Akner will be our Guest Speaker at his annual Halloween Eve Metaphysical Presentation. This is always one of the most anticipated Metaphysical Events of the year!! Come One and Come All & enjoy a night a Spot Readings, Messages from Spirit, Metaphysical Observations, Mystical Surprises & so much more. All on the delightfully mysterious night before All Hallows Eve! Daniel is calling it a sort of “Come As You Were, Event. Everyone is encouraged to arrive, dressed in costume. Especially if it tends to resonate with a Past Life that you feel you may have had. No one is required to wear such clothing. You’re certainly welcome to just dress comfortably. But if “The Spirit” moves you? PLEASE! Feel free to embrace the Holiday Mood & arrive in style. We are also holding a raffle. Your ticket entitles you to potentially win 1 of 2 Psychic Readings being offered with Daniel. There will also be a 3rd Prize! A Metaphysical Swag Bag “of high-end goodies!!! Winners of a Psychic Reading will enjoy a full 1 hour Psychic/Medium Reading with Daniel in person, or by phone. All Readings will be recorded on CD for your convenience. Winning Tickets will be picked on stage & announced at the Psychic Festival in Nov. You need not be present to win. Winners will be notified the evening of the Festival. Good Luck!
Daniels’ October Presentations have always proved to be a thrill-packed night. October is THE PERFECT month for Psychic Phenomena. Expect a Magickal Evening! What a perfect way to kick-off Halloween. This will be The Event that EVERYBODY will be talking about!

Daniels Web Site:
Members: $10.00, Non- Members: $15.00 Pre-registration is not required

9/16 Event: A Chanting/Kirtan Service

EOL samantha marie x150Friday September 16, 2016 at 8:00PM A Chanting/Kirtan Service
Samantha Marie, a Chanting/Kirtan leader will provide a Chanting/Kirtan service that would be a unique addition to Friday’s enjoyment. She has been leading chanting sessions at the Port Jefferson Salt Cave and she is looking to expand this spiritual experience to others. A Kirtan, as you may know, is a group singing and music-making experience, involving ancient Sanskrit chants.

With what many have called a powerful voice, Samantha leads others in chanting sacred sounds to work with the chakras and connect to the spirit. It is a very powerful spiritual technique and experience and truly brings people together through sound. If you are interested, we should meet and you can get a taste of what Samantha Marie does.

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15

No Pre-Registration Required.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about Kirtan and it’s chanting:

Chanting 101 – 6 Things to know if you dont get Kirtan

The Beginners Guide to Kirtan and Mantra

8/26 Lecture: Mastering The Transition, The Practicality of Moving Toward Enlightenment

eol Dina V 150wFriday August 26, 2016 8:00PM
Lecture: Mastering The Transition, The Practicality of Moving Toward Enlightenment  – with Dina Vitantonio, Energy Therapist, Published Author, Editor and Co-Author of various books on Energy & Ancient Esoteric Practices.

Wondering why so many dramatic things are happening to people during this time? As an Energy Therapist and author Dina has had the opportunity to share and speak with many people, especially those in the Spiritual realm, who believe the state of expansion comes from living in the 4D/5D paradigm. This is one of the biggest illusions of today. The 4D/5D worlds are temporary because this “Energy” is only sustainable in moments. We can see examples of this in Buddhism through the idea of the preciousness of a human birth. This concept is directly related to the importance of the human birth as a unique opportunity to work off our karma. We cannot do this or reach such a place from and angel or God state. Instead, we must cross the threshold of the human journey.

The key is staying in our human-ness and by practicing a few simple steps, we learn how to traverse the 3D world in order to master higher and more expanded states. It is in this paradigm where the work resides and the rewards become cumulative… It all happens through transmuting our human experiences and emotions as a recipe for mastership of the mind.

Please join us for a powerful evening filled with fun, discovery and human appeal.

Dina’s Web Site:
Members: $10 Non-Members: $15 No Pre-registration Required.