Hicksville Seniors Receive Scholarships

The Eyes of Learning is pleased to announce that on June 9, 2014 two graduating Hicksville High School Seniors received the second annual Scholarships in honor of our founder, Elaine Resnik.

This school was selected because Elaine lived in Hicksville until recently and the Eyes of Learning conducts it’s lectures and presentations at Levittown Hall in Hicksville.

The students, Alessandra Riccio and Eugene Mercado were selected by the High School Administrators and Faculty for having distinguished themselves through Service to their community and to their school. They are delightful accomplished young adults who were very grateful for their scholarships. They both were the recipients of other scholarships and recognitions and will, no doubt, carry the ethic of service into their adult lives.

The ceremony was held at the high school and was attended by Eyes of Learning President Bob Ferrari and by Eyes of Learning Volunteer Anna Boccio who are pictured below with Alessandra and Eugene.

We at the Eyes of Learning wish them success and happiness in what is sure to be their very bright and rewarding futures.


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