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  • Festival Vendors
    Please subscribe to this list if you might be interested in becoming a vendor at one of our Spring or Fall fund raising festivals. This would allow us to contact you well in advance of any event so that you might consider adding our event to you calendar.
  • I am an EOL Member
    While we intend to go fully "green" over the next few months, there still may be an occasion when it will be necessary (such as renewal time) when we will want to send you information via snail mail. To keep our mailing list up to date, we ask that all current and past members kindly review the information we have on record for you. If our information is inaccurate or incomplete, we ask that you make the necessary corrections. Thank you
  • Lecture/Workshop/Event Newsletter (288)
    Subscribe to this list if you wish to be emailed information regarding up coming events including workshops, lectures and festivals.
  • Readers
    Please subscribe to this list if you would like to donate your time to help us raise funds to keep the Eyes of Learning events affordable for everyone. "Paying it forward" through a donation of your time to conduct readings at one of our festivals is a blessed way to share your gifts.


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