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Wednesday May 27, 2015 6:30PM

Executive Council Meeting at Levittown Hall in the Marty Nichols Room, 203 Levittown Pkwy, Hicksville, NY. 516-731-0909. Members are cordially invited to attend.

Friday May 29, 2015 8:00 PM

eoldubois150Lecture “Ascension and the Rescue of Humanitywith Pierre Dubois. Pierre is a renowned spiritual teacher and counselor, gifted healer, certified life coach and hypnotist, regression therapist, channel, and non-denominational ordained minister. In theses transitional times Pierre will speak about and address what the planet “GAIA” is facing challenging times, but the earth is not in danger of destruction. It is our collective past behaviors that is making the world hostile to our survival.

The earth does not need saving it is humanity that needs to be saved. Our technology is leaping forward, but the wisdom, morality, and ethic to manage these advancements are lacking. If we are to survive as a species we have to evolve in consciousness. That evolution is ascension.

What is ascension and how does that personal experience connects to planetary leadership? Join us an evening of exploration, ideas, and answers. Pierre is a knowledgeable and eloquent speaker who holds much wisdom and insight into the very nature of consciousness and the direction and evolutionary changes upon GAIA presently experienced by us all at this present time. Please join us for an informative and engaging evening with Pierre!

Pierre’s Web-site:

Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required

Friday June 12, 2015 8:00PM

eol Sid PrinceLecture: “The Hidden History of the Human Family” with Sid Prince, author, lecturer, extra-terrestrial and hidden history extraordinaire! Seeking the true origins of sentient life on planet Earth. This lecture will be given by Sid Prince, author of an extremely controversial new book, “Alien Bibles – The Lab of Eden”.  Did humanity evolve beyond the genetic manipulation that was imposed upon us by our alien creators?  Are we a threat to whatever created us because we still possess the ability to mentally and physically resist them?

Questions like these and many more will be looked into from an evidential standpoint. Sid Prince brings science, sense, and reason to the age old questions of, “Who created us?” “How did they do it?” “Where was it done?” and “When did it happen?”  Join us for a wonderful evening of learning where people can relax with open minded conversations presented in a friendly atmosphere that promotes beneficial growth for the mind, body, and beyond.

Pamphlet guides of the lecture that contain a written outline with pictures, website video links, and book titles will be given to the first 100 guest in attendance. Electronic files will also be available free for anyone to print out the lecture’s summary.


Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required

Friday June 19, 2015 8:00PM

eol Karen GarveyLecture: “Money Wisdom – Step into Abundance by Creating the Vibrational Energy of Wealth”, by Karen Garvey, MBA, Author, International Speaker, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach.
Does abundance and prosperity elude you?  Do you find yourself worrying about your finances, your career, or your future?  Shift your relationship with money from one of scarcity to one of sustained abundance with simple steps for attracting and keeping wealth.  In addition to discovering these steps, Karen also uses her conduit to universal knowledge to assist attendees in moving past their specific obstacles.  A Questions & Answers period will be included for this purpose

Karen L. Garvey has appeared on dozens of radio programs and in other media outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, PBS, Redbook, Hamptons Magazine, NJ Savvy, LI Press, Creations Magazine, and Spa Magazine. In addition, she has authored 5 books including Begin Here and Money Wisdom.


Members: $10 Non-Members: $15, No Pre-registration Required

Wednesday June 24, 2015 6:30PM

Executive Council Meeting at Levittown Hall in the Marty Nichols Room, 203 Levittown Pkwy, Hicksville, NY. 516-731-0909. Members are cordially invited to attend.

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