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Welcome to the Eyes of Learning

Welcome to The Eyes of Learning Long Island’s oldest and most respected non-profit metaphysical, holistic and spiritual teaching and learning center! Our ongoing series of lectures and workshops can be found by clicking on the “programs & events” links to the right. Please explore the rest of our website to learn even more about our leading-edge organization.

Eyes of Learning celebrates it’s 34th year in July of 2017!
Long Before Brian Weiss wrote about reincarnation in 1988, or Barbara Brennan wrote about energy healing in 1988, a group of like-minded individuals on Long Island had already been meeting for several years sharing seemingly fantastical experiences they could not explain and to ponder many metaphysical phenomenon that seem almost commonplace today. It all began simply enough, in 1983, when Co-Founder Elaine Resnik did a lecture on ESP, Dreams and Edgar Cayce. (continue story)

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7/22 Lecture: Answers of Hope – Visions of Change

Friday, July 22, 2011 8:00PM
Lecture: “Answers of Hope, Visions of Change”, Sandy Guranotta, Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Visionary for the Planet, will be speaking on her global mission to deliver this planet into ascension, one soul at a time. During this difficult time of many earth changes we are all affected and seeking answers. Sandy an internationally know radio and television personality will convey messages from the other side. This communication provides you with the answers you need to change your life. Spirit offers the tools to release all the blocks which prevent you from reaching your potential and imparts all that you need to create your new reality. These messages from heaven include validation and guidance for your physical, emotional and spiritual health. As you accept this divine guidance you will become freer to access your spiritual power, facilitate your soul development and create your new life. “As we create change individually, we heal globally”! Be prepared to learn your mission and how you can, heal yourself, and bring about the necessary changes in your life to globally heal our beloved planet “GAIA” Members $10 Non-Members $15

Ghosts and Talking Spirits July 9, 2010

Please join us for our upcoming Eyes of Learning program scheduled for Friday July 9, 2010 at 8:00PM. The
Lecture/Workshop called “Encountering Ghosts and Talking to Spirits” is being presented by Jane Doherty, medium for over 15 years, author, ghost hunter and TV personality. Jane will share her scariest and most unbelievable ghost stories, her experiences communicating with deceased loved ones and the insights they gave her.

Ancient crystal skulls

Ancient Crystal Skulls

You will learn: how to determine if you encountered a ghost, the three most common ways a deceased loved one tries to communicate, if we unintentionally do things to keep a loved one from moving on and much more. Be entertained and have your questions about the other side answered.

As a special treat, Jane will also be bring two very special “guests” to the lecture with her. Two ancient crystal skulls, Maya & Alden, will also be on hand at this lecture. Members: $10 Non-Members: $15 You can find some more of our great programs for this Summer on our programs and events page.